Talking with Serial Killers – The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own Stories

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The author is a journalist, and I found out he made a tv series on BBC or UK television. He is very good at getting the whole story and not being biased and in this type of situation, it's hard not to be. I can't imagine myself sitting by these people to hear what they have to say. The research is done well and it's not boring. I read from start to finish. It is different than Mindhunters because the author is not really saying much about himself, only writing about the killers themselves, they each get a section. Alieen Woros (I spelled that wrong sorry) and Robert DeFeo are featured, and I think that the author strives for the truth, he's even gotten some killers to give up new bodies. I probably have learned more and heard more from Christopher Berry-Dee, than any books I've read before! There is a Book 2, which I am reading now, it has Gacy, in it.

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