Teagan Hunter – (Texting 3) Can’t Text This

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Why isn't there a rating higher than 5 stars I always freaking love a good Teagan Hunter original and this story is definitely no exception! Ever since I met Robbie back in Let's Get Textual I have wanted to get my hands on his story and let me just say that it was totally worth the wait. I seriously could not imagine anyone more perfect for him then the beautiful and quirky Monty Andrews. These two are a match made in text heaven.

Can't Text This is a sweet, lovable, fun, sexy and all around entertaining standalone romantic comedy from the extraordinarily talented Teagan Hunter. I absolutely loved that Robbie finally got his happily ever after, one of which I have been hoping for since I met his character in Zach and Delia's story. There was just so much to LOVE about this incredible storyline and I hardly wanted to put this book down. I found myself laughing even harder than I did with the last two standalone books in this same world. I even ended up laughing out loud when I was reading some of it in public.

Readers make sure to one-click this story today because you want to get to know Robbie and Monty right NOW!

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