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A few weeks ago in NYC, I sat with two of the smartest people I know at a cool brunch.

"But explain it to me," I said. "Just what is it about the 4-Hour Work Week that we haven't already seen" Having a background in a "work-smarter-not-harder" industry (the coaching industry), what I'd heard about 4HWW had not impressed me as anything particularly fresh and new.

"Well," said one friend, "It's just never all been put in a book like this before."

"Okay." That didn't sound so compelling to me.

"Well," attempted the other. "It's Tim, too. His personality. The way he gets things across." Still unimpressed.

But here's the thing - two people I really believe in and trust were telling me I HAD to read this book. So I sucked it up and ordered it from Amazon (who, I believe, I single-handedly keep in business, though my scant GoodReads list may not yet reflect it).

So I decided to give it a shot and ate it up in a weekend. A fun and easy read. The premise is basically this: so many of us "follow the rules" and strive to tolerate the best job we can get for 40 years, holding off for retirement. Tim Ferriss, the 30-year-old author of this book, posits an entirely different worldview and a straightforward plan for achieving living it - set up automatic profit centers, and take "mini retirements" throughout your life (which he does, and explains in fun and interesting detail. He's studied tango in Argentina, martial arts in Berlin. Cool reading).

The thing I most enjoyed about this book were the practical tips. I was familiar with many of them, having an internet entrepreneur background, but still found plenty of interesting information to make it worth my while. Lots of good detail on the travel side too. He gives you not just the theory, but the web addresses and the exact plan for setting up your own online business and "mini-retirement-lifestyle."

It's interesting to look at the negative reviews of this book. A lot of them sound like, "Yes, that would be nice, but..." A careful read of the book should push you out of that "it could never work for me," mentality. Worth giving a shot.

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