the 5 am club

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This fiction book with teaching and importance why to wake up at 5 am.
Join the 5 am club,own your morning .Elevate your life( theme of book).

The story revolves around the person artist and entrepreneur both attend the teaching of spellbinder (motivational speaker) and where they meet billionaires (Mr.Riley stone)
Both entrepreneur and artist will fall in love,the journey of learning about technique of 5 am club and other self help techniques by Billionaire
The story travel to various place Mauritius,India to visit Taj Mahal , Rome in Italy,Brazil (Sao Paulo) and South Africa for Robbin island ( place where Nelson Mandela jailed ). For learning the technique and importance of 5 am club .

The key technique are
A)The 3 step success formula by starting with better awareness lead to better choice and the finally better result .

B)The 4 focuses of history makers
1. Capitalisation Iq
2. Freedom from distraction
3. Personal mastery practice
4. Day stacking

C)Four interior empire Mindset (psychology),Heartset ( emotionality),healthset( physicality),Soulset( spirituality)

D)The habit installation protocol for 66 days minimum to reach automaticity point ( for any habit to become our second nature)
Stage 1 ( 1 to 22 days) - destruction phase
Stage 2 (23 to 44 days)-installation phase
Stage 3( 45 to 66 days)-integration phase

E) The 20/20/20 Formula deconstructions from 5.00 AM to 6.00AM
Pocket#1 5.00 Am to 5.20 Am for Move
Time for doing intense exercise and sweat heat to boost your metabolism and cleanses cortisol level and BDNF rise

Pocket#2 5.20Am to 5.40 Am for reflection
Time for doing journal,mediations,plan,contemplate

Pocket #3 5.40 Am to 6.00 Am for grow
Time for review goals,read books,audiobook and podcasts
Which improve knowledge and confidence boost.

F) The 10 Tactics for Lifelong Genius
Tactic #1: The Tight Bubble of Total Focus (TBTF)
Tactic #2: The 90/90/1 Rule
Tactic #3: The 60/10 Method
Tactic #4: The Daily 5 Concept
Tactic #5: The 2nd Wind Workout (2WW)
Tactic #6: The 2 Massage Protocol (2MP)
Tactic #7: Traffic University
Tactic #8: The Dream Team Technique
Tactic #9: The Weekly Design System (WDS)
Tactic #10: The 60 Minute Student

G)The twin cycle of elite performance are High Excellence Cycle and Deep Refueling Cycle

H) The five asset of genius are mental focus,physical energy,personal willpower,original talent and daily time .

Becoming legendary is all about sustainability.

GCA: Gargantuan Competitive Advantage:True depth as it relates to how you think, behave and deliver. Healthy perfectionism-and an unyielding quest to be the best that you are capable of becoming.

Some interesting neuroscience term transient hypofrontality, human growth hormone production,BDNF-brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

This book have lot of quotes and you can keep rising daily as upcoming goal for this new year.

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