The Aging Brain Proven

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The Aging Brain by Timothy Jennings is full of information to enable us to slow or even prevent dementia and to age healthily. Some of the information is technical though also helpful. There is also good information that is clear and easy to understand. Each chapter ends with a summary of Learning Points and also an Action Plan of things to do to get healthier and to stay healthy. Of course we need to eat right which includes avoiding sugar, and we need to exercise our mind and our body and get seven or eight hours of sleep to keep our brains healthy. Jennings shows how our beliefs affect the health of our minds and that not all beliefs are healthy. In the chapter on Mental Stress and Aging he covers issues of worry, guilt and conflict. In the chapter on Love and Death he suggests we need to come to terms with our own mortality and he describes how each religion views death differently. He asks "Does any evidence exist to support a belief in an after life" pg 168 Jennings gives an amazing illustration: Christian teaching says we have three parts - body, soul and spirit. He compares this with computer science which has three parts - hardware, software and a power source. This illustration/information is worth the price of the book. There is excellent information here on most any health topic related to the aging of the mind. Dr. Jennings is a psychiatrist and psychopharmocologist.

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