The Aha! Moment- A Scientist’s

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For a random book that I picked up from the library, it turned out to be a very thought-provoking book. Any book that make me contemplate things further or to critically analyze ideas is a good book, in my opinion.

The book involves a lot of science that I do not always follow, but the basis of the book is about creativity in humans. The inventions and concepts the author has come up with during his lifetime is really fun to read. The author has an interesting theory about how he gets his overflowing ideas to his conscious mind and how he has applied them in real life.

The book made me think about basic "facts" that we take as given, such as how the double-helix really... REALLY works. He reminded me that some fundamental theories that we are taught over and over again since my first biology course is still just theory and may not actually be true, such as the formation of double-helixes. The book also made me think about things that I never considered, and I learned a lot. Mostly, I loved this book because it invites me to be creative, inquisitive, and intuitive. After finishing this book, I feel more comfortable about expressing my opinions and thinking different from the "norm".

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