– The Amazing Liver Cleanse A Powerful Approach to Improve Your Health and Vitality (2002)

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It works!

This book is well written enough that I overlooked the poor editing and formatting.

This book is all about how to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse, which every conscientious cancer patient is recommended to do (as well as anyone with chronic disease). I wish very much I had known about this vital information 20 years ago when I was pushed by a surgeon to have my gallbladder removed. I could have saved myself the trauma and expense, because this cleanse works! Boy, does it.

The first cleanse I did my body released over 200 gallstones, and the second cleanse very close to that same amount. The instructions are to continue doing the cleanse, no sooner than every three weeks, until there are no more stones being released. Thereafter for maintaining a cleansed liver, you do it every six months.

It is easy to recognize a gallstone, because they range in color from light yellow, to deep yellow, to light green, to dark green, and they float. You can easily find medical pictures of gallstones on the Internet so you will know what to look for, which is what I did prior to the cleanse.

This cleanse is very easy to do. I experienced no ill effects of any kind. Mr. Moritz recommends doing an enema, or at best a professional colon hydrotherapy session, the day before and the day after performing a liver flush to amplify the cleansing effects. However, the magnesium in the Epsom salts that you take for the cleanse act to draw quantities of water into the intestines, from top to bottom, so that also acts to flush out your entire bowels, and not just the colon, which is what an enema or colon hydrotherapy do.

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