The Art and Skill Of Conversation

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This small book has good info for anyone that wants to improve their conversation skills.

I've been working on my conversation skills for years and I picked up this book to find any new nuggets that I might be missing. In particular I was looking for ways to exit a conversation that had gone stale.

I was not disappointed. The first half of the book was information I already knew. The second half included sections to exit conversation, types of conversation killers (everyone can identify with at least one), and how to thrive in a singles scene.

Without reading other reviews, I'm sure some might say that the advice here is common sense. However, not everyone would know this information, and sometimes books like these are a good reminder.

In this powerful program, two of America’s top communications experts provide you with the practical techniques and strategies you need to conduct a winning conversation in any business or social situation.

Using realistic dialogues, they demonstrate how to employ the art of conversation to enhance your job performance. . . be at ease and enjoy yourself at social events. . . persuade and motivate others. . and build your communications skills and confidence. As you listen, you’ll learn to:

-Successfully initiate, conduct and close a conversation anywhere, anytime.
-Get conversations off the ground with “quick start” openers.
-Elicit hard-to-get information through tested questioning techniques.
-Make your business presentations crisper, clearer and more persuasive.
-Attain key goals through effective negotiation techniques.

About the Authors

EDWARD L. FRITSCH has spent his entire career in the training, development and instruction of communication-based programs for such companies as RCA, GE and IBM.

NATHAN P. ROSENBLATT is president of NPR Marketing, Inc., a company that specializes in the development and marketing of audiocassette programs.

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