The Art of Being Brilliant – Andy Cope

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Let me say straightaway that I know Andy Cope (one of this book's two authors) on a personal basis. We're not drinking buddies or anything, but we come from the same small town and we're fond of each other. I don't think he's famous enough yet for this to class as name dropping (though I expect that day will arrive), so why mention it

I mention it because, knowing him personally, I can tell you that Andy is a truly inspirational guy. He wasn't born special and he wasn't born happy, and for a long time he lived the same kind of life that most people live, making the same kinds of mistakes that most people make, and feeling sorry for himself when things weren't going his way. Then, as a student of Psychology, he noticed something - there was a vast amount of published research into the causes of human unhappiness, but hardly any about what makes people happy! At this point, he decided to do something about it, changing his life for the better along the way.

And now you can make your life better too, by following the ideas in this down-to-earth and effective little book. You'll get carefully selected nuggets of wisdom, easy to follow examples, and straightforward exercises to get you thinking about your world and how you see it. But most of all you'll get six simple principles which you can use to help yourself become a happier person. I just can't recommend it highly enough.

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