The Art of Creative Thinking How to

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The Art of Creative Thinking by John Adair is must read for researchers. He touches every aspect of creative thinking with plenty of examples from diverse fields.
(view spoiler)[...Some of my key leanings are as follows:
Why to reinvent wheels-Look for existing solution by analogy.
Make strange familiar and vice versa.
Extend the boundaries of relevance -Adapt a solution from other fields of irrelevance.
Serendipity - Expect the unexpected
Chance favors prepared mind - Be sensitive to reflect on each observation.
Be curious - Have an appetite for knowledge
Watch less, observe more.
Listen, comprehend, analyse, evaluate and then speak.
Read to learn -Eat, chew, Swallow, digest.
Keep pen and pencil with you - Idea may click at any time.
Let your unconscious mind work for you.
Problems are opportunities to practice your skills as a thinker.
Avoid or invite the criticism at right point of time.
Widen the tolerance to ambiguity.
Think about a problem before you go to bed, your subconscious mind work for you.
Don't think, Act too.
Think creatively in your life too.
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