The Art of Deception

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Perhaps contrary to popular belief, computer security is to a large degree more of a human resources issue than a computer science related one. As Mitnick shows through plenty of cases with different techniques and circumstances, the primary aspect of a hackers venture is social engineering - using knowledge of human nature to manipulate people such as employees to give up valuable information. Technical hacking methods comes only secondary to that, meaning that even the most secure security systems can be breached if a few employees get tricked into providing the hacker with useful information that to them may seem innocuous. Mitnick delineates in this book both how to recognize social engineering attacks and how to protect against them, and thus serves as an indispensable guide for preparing the employees/members of one's company/organization to most adequately deal with them. For anyone who seeks to optimize the security of their organization, this is an absolute must-read.

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