The Atlas of Happiness – Helen Russell

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Fair go.
Park your ego.
Live sustainably.
Be more polite, please. Thank you.
Get outdoors and use your body.
Just be for a while.
Think about the life you want.
Try to relax more.
Live without time.
Laugh as often as you can.
Accept the things you can not change.
Respect your surroundings.
Be more agreeable.
Reconnect with water.
Think positive.
Cultivate your inner life.
Get strong.
Do more with less.
Be flexible and creative.
Say yes more.
Be spontaneous.
Sing your heart out.
Take a day off midweek to do nothing.
Take a nap.
Find your recharging spot.
Tune into the beauty of the natural world.
Climb every mountain.
Get out there whatever the forecast. There's no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes.
Slow down.
Take a risk.
Skip the small talk have dangerously deep impassioned conversations.
Appreciate your journey.
Care more.
Cherish the people that make you you.
I am because you are.
Ignore everything your mother taught you.
Escape.Step off the treadmill.
Prepare for every eventuality.
Lie in the moment.
Be courteous, always. And to everyone.
Cry. Laugh. Feel. Get it all out.
Make the most of the life you have, right now.
Put things in context.
Be more sustainable.
Live well and let live.
Run in the wind whenever possible.
Eat at a leisurely pace.
Take a break from the hustle.
Do more staring into the middle distance or as far as you can see.
Pay it forward.
Celebrate education and intellectualism.
Cherish your home and the people in it.
Embrace life's highs and lows.

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