The Becoming of Noah Shaw

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10/22/18: I stand by my previous review. I still don't have words. I'm still speechless at the ending and it was still one hell of a roller coaster.

I don't know if I'll survive the next book.


6/27/17: Holy shit, I don't have words for this.

Being in Noah's head is exactly what I expected. He's smart and rude and shamelessly loves Mara and I was maniacally gleeful as I read every word on every page.

It was one hell of a roller coaster I should have been prepared for, but was still stunned speechless when I got to the end.

Yes, this review is vague af, but I wouldn't dream of ruining one single page.

**Huge thanks to Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers for providing the arc free of charge.**

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