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Thank you to my friend Lisi who gave me a dozen books - that she herself hadn't read - but were on my TBR list on Goodreads. The books came with 'red dots' on the binding.
She only wants the red-dots book back if I'm 'sure' she will love it.
YES, LISI.... "you'll love this book.

I've read other books about The Lehman Brothers- and the global financial crisis- ( and lived through it) -
I've read many fiction stories about immigration....
but this was the first book where I've read a novel of the two topics combined. The brilliant combo opened my awareness into corners of our country - and deeper insights into the immigrant experience than most 'all' other books I've read on immigration.

Imbolo Mbue wrote an outstanding novel - a strong 5 stars for me: Oprah pick or not -but I can sure understand the choice. The book reveals the realities of the American Dream -and re- think our beliefs.

Jende Jonga and his wife Neni- the African couple who worked for Clark and Cindy Clark -( Clark being executive for Lehman Brothers) - shines the light on many drawbacks in the United States.

It was very easy to have empathy for Jende and Neni. Their future looked scary after the Collapse of Lehman Brothers. I also deeply cared for their happiness together and for their child.
It was a little harder to feel that same empathy for the wealthy American couple..... but actually - in the end I felt empathy for them too. Humanity is humanity. Painful disappointments - and challenges affect people of every race - class - and color.

Wonderful storytelling-with great characters - with many trials - tribulations - and triumphs.

Page turning!
Relevant complex issues!
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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