The Billionaire Boondoggle- How Our

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An interesting conversation and examination of the powers that shape and form many rules and regulations and how the corporate giants and bigwigs are lining their pockets with taxpayers money and jobs.
It's the reality of today. The tax free lands, the enticing offers to save blighted areas, the notion that all that shines is truly gold.
Well once again if you've ever had the unfortunate misery of dealing with narcissists you'll understand as I long have that fool's gold shines too.
In fact empty promises, broken dreams, and trails of destruction is often what is left behind.
The subsidies, the grants, the notion that we just need to hand out more corporate tax reliefs to the billionaires...NO!
Please lets stay focused on the fleecing of America as this is all this is.
It's also about winning the next election for those voted in to office. They must make it look good. These life long politicians know how to sell and many are cons. They know how to make their voters feel like they are getting something done. But are they really getting the job done or just kicking the can down the road.
I worked at Lord and Taylor a distribution center in my area. This corporate giant was giving tax free land for the sake of building . I need not tell you how the story ends but can assure you the promises of bringing jobs may have been realized but it was temporary as years later they laid many off. In fact this location is directly across from 'DT's campaign stops' at Mohegan Sun Arena and I assure you we are not winning here!
In fact you see this great notion of selling it to the people by offering tax breaks here in the most latest business to enter the arena. Tru Value is on it's way with many jobs but who knows how competitive the wages will be or just how many jobs... but here , here, it's on its way all on the backs of the tax free land ...
In fact my malignant narc I married was just like these politicians; great on double dipping the pot, using the coattails of others to obtain credit for their work, and using tax breaks or the ability to devalue his own assets like DT to find those creative tax loopholes to write it off as 'depreciation'. I say this because he once mentioned how all you have to do is 'sell yourself' and the politicians running the show are exactly the same! Sell, sell , sell! Never let on how dismal and dire the situation really has become!
When I worked at a factory full time, I worked like a dog for $7.25 hr with 10c raise as top producer and associate of the month in not one but two departments prior to putting myself through college. I assumed my hard work would give way to the American dream and that white picket fence. Instead, I received a 50 lb trolley that landed upon my head from the 2nd floor, was nearly knocked out, bled profusely on the floor, and nobody would even assist me off the floor. I instead went to a private room, contacted my mother, who drove me to the hospital to no avail from the company. Later on I decided there has to be better and went on to graduate with a Masters only to place on hold for sake of raising a family .
I'm now long term unemployed with a dual masters and over 20 yrs volunteering experience and told I'm overqualified and lack prior work experience having giving up my career to become a homemaker of 3 (one med disabled since birth with vater syndrome that he'll have for life).
I tell you all this because the shiny new toy is not what the politicians are selling.
They are selling bs constantly. In fact I'm constantly being told unemployment is down, the economy is strong, the jobs are plentiful.
I must be drinking too much Kool Aid ... Where We are not winning We have nothing !
The idea that casino's, lotteries, stadiums, will save us all is a farce.
It preys on the poor, it allows false hopes, it hardly gives the incentives or the pay outs to the communities it had promised to provide.
Our streets should be lined with gold with all these tax deductions and new buildings being built instead taxpayers are footing the bill for this new development for temp gains but not long term solutions. Is this winning Read on:
It's like throwing money down the bottomless pit in hopes of receiving something other than the smoke, mirrors, and fog from years past.
The rich get richer ....
Believe that!
Thank you to Pat, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko.
Everyone can't be a Walmart, but everyone can stop putting others out of business especially the small mom and pop stores, pay living wages so the working poor don't have to rely upon government aid, stand up to these corporate giants, and big wigs, and stop the nonsense so we all can live in peace and harmony.
It's supposed to be about humanity not greed so I leave you with this:

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