The Boyfriend Project – Farrah Rochon

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Five smart, steamy, entertaining, action-packed, addictive, office romance with so much likable couple who conquers our hearts with their sizzling, hot chemistry!

This book at my wishlist and I'm so happy my wish finally come true because it was so much more than I expected. There are so many positive attributes which I truly enjoyed about great books.
The things I adore:

Straight to the point, intriguing, powerful opening scene: Our adorable, badass, hard-worker, successful business woman heroine Samiah coincidentally finds out from twitter that she is dating with a guy who also dates with two other women at the same time and just postopned their meeting because he's having dinner with another woman at the very same Sushi Place who took her before.
So she storms out from her pregnant sister's house to face the douchebag and she meets with other catfish-ing victims: Taylor and London. Three women team up to avenge the cheater boyfriend and humiliate him at the restaurant in front of several witnesses (one of them record their argument which goes viral and Samiah turns into youtube's rising star!)

At the end of the night, the girls partied together and found themselves at Samiah's place and they decided to resume their friendship which turned into sisterhood squad meeting at every Friday night for dinner and cocktails! They decide that they don't need a man to bring happiness into their lives.
For upcoming six months they will decide to concentrate of their personal goals, find hobbies and face with unresolved issues that hold them back from their bright futures. They shake hands for this pact and called it "Boyfriend Project"

But this brings the second thing I liked so much about this book: Charming, good-hearted, witty, flirty, hot, sexy hero: Daniel Collins is just hired by Samiah's company and their undeniable attraction already gives Samiah second thoughts about her pact! Maybe she should give a chance to Daniel. He seems trustworthy, decent and honest from the beginning but here is our cliffhanger:
Daniel hides his real identity. He is an agent, investigating money laundering in their company and for digging out more he should keep secrets from Samiah. Even though he does anything not to fall for or hurt her, he cannot help himself. But what is going to happen when the secrets come out and he has to leave for his next assignment. Samiah is already humiliated by the viral youtube video and her past wrong choices about her love life. Could she trust him again after the revelation of his secret identity

The third thing I loved about the book is both of the characters didn't act obnoxious or illogical at the angst parts of the story. Daniel was sweet pie from the beginning and Samiah was rational, determined, and strong. As you know at the all romance books: the last quarter is about groveling, breakup and the both parties' nonsense painful experiences (some of them stop eating, showering, turning into asocial creatures and they also act like stubborn spoiled brats not to come clean about their feelings!) But at this book: both of the characters earned entire Brownie points and saved me to read long and agitatedly emotional chapters!

And final thing I Loved about the book was the supporting characters: I already loved Taylor and as far as I may see, we're gonna read her story at the second book that I cannot wait! And let's not forget our sarcastic, entertaining doctor London. I enjoyed those three different, independent, strong women's growing friendship and sisterhood.

Overall: The book carries so many important messages about racial and sex inequity and unfairness at work places. It was powerful, motivational, witty, thought-provoking, riveting, dazzling and also very romantic reading. I highly recommend it to the genre lovers!

So much thanks to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for making my wish come true and sharing this wonderful ARC in exchange my honest review. I cannot wait to read the sequels!

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