The Brand Within-The Power of Branding from Birth to the Boardroom

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I purchased Daymond John's book, The Brand Within, after watching him on Shark Tank. I had to learn more from this shark who appears soft spoken on the show, yet holds an infinite amount of wisdom for young entrepreneurs, which is obvious when he speaks with that sparkle of understanding in his eyes. I was blown away with this book!

Not only did I learn step by step "how-to's" for me in the area of branding but he reinforced the basics of business and how to take your idea and make it a success NOW. I don't want to give away his secrets, but he shares them ALL in this book! His does so with humor, making me laugh out loud as I learned what I knew was true. He related branding analogies to those we can all understand (Barack Obama and Michael Jackson are examples) to further hit home his insights so that his message is impossible to miss.

I enjoyed how he explained that his "branding smarts" were engrained into his mind as a young man, with messages his mother taught him. If only we all could teach our children to "think big" I can only dream of the world we all will live in. If you are a young entrenpreneur and want to learn how to get started with your business or idea, READ THIS BOOK TODAY! You will be thankful you did.

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