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"By footprint I mark you, by iron I bind you," Penelope blurted out.

Emma and Gretchen stared at her. "Come again"

"I stab you... no that's not right."

"I should hope not."

I don't know if you can tell just by that quote, how amazing this book really is. This was full of excitement and by far the cutest action-packed historical fiction I have ever read. A Breath of Frost takes you on a completely new adventure, it lives up to its very own title. Unlike many other historical fiction out there, you can practically come alive in this realistic historical world created.

As always, every book come with certain flaws I try to stay ignorant to but fail:

#1 Length of novel: This isn't much of a major flaw. It just seems that the 477 pages was quite a long journey for me and this book can definitely be reduced to a much shorter length. Trust me this takes a lot for patience to get to the more exciting parts. Not that I'm very patient either.

And so that's my main criticism. Now for the best parts:

#1 Relationships: I love every single relationship building here. Love. I like how Penelope is in a good relationship with her mom unlike how most books portray the relationship between parents and children. Did I also mention how cool Lady Bethany was I feel the awesome mom vibe with her around. In fact this book is flooding with wonderful moms. Theodora might be insane, but thinking of what she had sacrificed, my heart melts.

Romance was super fluffy for an action-packed book. Every guy I met in the book at the beginning make me wanna rip the pages to shreds. At this point there's some guys who still make my heart boil but Cormac well, it's another story.

(view spoiler)[ Emma stifled a groan as Cormac snapped his head around to watch her emerge from the tree, leaves in her hair and thorn scratches on her arms. He didn't say anything for a full minute, his dark eyes widening when he realised her antlers weren't tree branches after all. He took off his hat, as if it interfered with his ability to stare. "You have... antlers." (hide spoiler)]

He is freaking adorable.

"Go on, now. It's too nice a day to spend worrying. Have your young man take you out for some ices."

"He's not...,"Emma broke off. "That is..."

Cormac winked at the housekeeper. "I most certainly am her young man."

I don't know about you but I love Cormac + his sisters too. They totally seem like this resistance force of the Fairfax family.

"You don't want the Order of Iron Arses to know your baby sisters saved you."

Like a crime fighting force always ready to save the day. YAS.

(view spoiler)[The romance between Theodora and Erwan was SO ADORABLE. My heart was shattered into a zillion pieces at the ending of their love story. It was crazy to think they were so in love, Theodora would rather become a deer than to go back to forgetting her beloved. (hide spoiler)]

Emma, Penelope and Gretchen are like the best cousins you have ever discovered in any book. I would like it very much to call them sisters instead. They are always ready to back each other up no matter what.

Emma blinked. "Gretchen" She could scarcely believe it when both her cousins emerged from the lilac bushes. "Thank God."

"Never mind God," Gretchen muttered. "I'm the one with leaves up her nose."

They are adorbs and perfect together.

"Nearly there!" Gretchen said encouragingly. "Try again."

"But don't look down." Penelope said, less encouragingly."You might fall off and break your head open."

I really don't know where you can find a cuter group of girls.Always working together fantastically.

"Ooof," Emma wheezed. "Someone's elbow is taking liberties."

"Sorry, sorry." Gretchen shifted. "But if Penelope's left foot gets any closer to my cleavage we'll have to read the banns."

#2 Writing:I'm telling you the writing was perfect. The use of the English language was marvelous that I felt sorry for my poor English standards. You might even think the author lived in that timeline because everything was just so wonderfully detailed. I feel like I'm inside that era itself reading such a masterpiece.

They emerged into a narrow alley between two crooked shops that rose over three stories high, blotting out the sunlight. The cobbles under their feet were marked with symbols. Pomegranates were strung like lamps, crisscrossing over the bridge from the rooftop. They were peeled open in sections, revealing phosphorescent red seeds. Below the red fruit lanterns, the narrow bridge teemed with every creature imaginable, haggling over the tables piled with curiosities.

After reading this book, I felt that my english should just commit suicide for the greater good. Alyxandra had such perfect vivid writing, images just form in our brains easily.

#3 Action:There was a wonderful balance of romance and action. When action came, it was spectacular and beautiful. It was way too difficult not to love it.

(view spoiler)[ A sudden wind whipped through the room, shaking the mirrors and weapons in the racks. Hail pelted off Emma, stinging her bare arms. Lightning seared the sky, flashing off ghoul eyes and teeth.

Emma harnessed the fear curdling inside her, and pushed it out, turning it into rain, hail, snow, more wind. She focused until the storm shook the chandeliers, pulled scones from their fastenings, and scattered the assorted debris of magical charms. She forced it to spin pointing her finger and twirling it. She visualized the whirlwind with such certainty there was no room for failure (hide spoiler)]

#4 Characters:Basically just the sassy characters themselves.

"I'm the headmistress here. Welcome to the Rowanstone Academy for Young Ladies."

Emma set her teacup down with a jostle. Tea sloshed over the rim. "I was kidnapped by a finishing school"

Emma didn't make any stupid decisions - at least not any I remembered hence they must not have been stupid enough to be worth remembering. I think she was a rather practical and logical person herself. She may fantasize about Cormac and battle with her emotions but she know never to let them take control especially in dire situations.

The three cousins were very different people yet they always synchronize as once. And never did they bitch about each other, they made a perfect group.

"I wonder where the library is," Gretchen said.

"I wonder if there are any handsome young men willing to dance a waltz" Penelope added hopefully.

"I wonder if we can hide under the tablecloth," Emma put in.

"And why I was abducted," Emma returned with remarkable calm, all things considered.

"Abducted" Mrs. Sparrow raised an eyebrow. "Don't be silly. You were brought here for your own good."

"Against my own will."

"Sounds like abduction to me," Gretchen added.

All the characters were narrated quite carefully. Even personality wise, I really don't think there's one person who deserves to me to involve a dagger, a shovel and an unmarked grave. As mean as Daphne was, her not-so-bitchy side was also shown. I think it's quite evident even the meanest bitch has a soft spot and I like that it was portrayed here too.

This book was fantastic, however, I would have loved it so much better had it been shorter. It was not easy getting into the story, I took some time to be invested. There are still plenty of questions I want to ask, and I would leave it to the next two books to reach my expectations. Since, I'm already into it, I suspect the next book would definitely indulge to my taste and liking of books.

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