The Child Next Door

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5 Brilliant Stars

Wow what an ending! This book pulled me in from the very first paragraph.... however I have to say this book ended fantastically with a big huge bang! I generally do not start my reviews with the end of the book... however I just finish this and I am still shook... it was a twist out of nowhere.... well done Shalini Boland fabulous from first paragraph to last! that is for sure....

The book starts out with Kirstie hearing strange voices on her baby monitor...."Just take the baby!" instant panic sets in as she runs to make sure her baby girl Daisy is OK.... Kirstie was a very relatable and likable character... I could just sense her frustration, anxiety, and stress throughout this entire book along with the love for her daughter.... there is no time in your life where you feel less sure of yourself then when you are a first time mother..... and to top it off with strange things happening, suspicious neighbors, and a husband who does not believe you.... it was no wonder Kirstie was on edge... I was on edge right along with her.....

Plenty of fantastic secondary characters to be more than suspicious of...the husband Dominic who was up to some suspicious things and was not supportive... he really bothered me quite a bit.... guilty or innocent he was not a very good husband.... The friend Mel, I'm really not sure how good a friend she was She was one of those friends that seem to be there when it benefited her.... The creepy nosy neighbor Martin, he was an odd duck.... I don't care if he was just trying to be neighborly, organizing the neighborhood watch, and what not, he was a bit off.... although I do have to say the project he was working on was quite cool.... I was suspicious of everybody including the teenage boy kicking the football/soccer ball around the neighborhood....

I really feel sorry for my next book... although I've been listening to a romance on audio and that's what I will listen to tonight, so I think we might be OK... I really can't say much more I don't want to give anything away.... just know this is a very well-done psychological thriller and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Strongly recommend to all fans of psychological thrillers, with plenty of suspicious characters, twists and turns, and a fabulous MC....

*** thank you so much too Bookouture and Net Galley for a copy of this book ***

‘Don’t take my baby.’

Kirstie Rawlings is jolted awake by a child crying. Racing upstairs to check on her new-born, she is plunged into every parents’ worst nightmare. She hears an unknown voice in the baby monitor, saying: ‘Let’s take the child – and go.’

Is someone trying to steal her little girl?

In the bedroom, her daughter is safe asleep in her cot. Is the voice coming from a nearby house? But there aren’t any other babies living on her quiet country road…

The police don’t believe her. And neither does her husband.

Kirstie knows something isn’t right. She thought she could trust her neighbours, now she isn’t sure. As she unravels the secrets of the people living on her street, Kirstie’s perfect life begins to fall apart.

Because someone is hiding a terrible lie. And they will do anything to stop Kirstie uncovering the truth. But is the danger closer to home than she thinks?

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