The Communication Book by Mikael Krogerus

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What a week it has been! Swimming from fiction to reality and then dreams is like a journey on top of a never ending mountain. Shall we waste any more time on wavering here and there


Simple and Amazing. These are the two words which come to mind when you look at the cover and as the title itself states , communication is the thing displayed by this book , seeking one's attention and pulling one closer to it.


The book is amazing. The way of explaining all the complex behaviours during communication through simple and everyday language is an upmost feat undertaken by the duo and let me make this clear, if you are a fan of TED Talks and do not even have the slightest idea about Mr. Mikael Krogerus and Mr. Roman Tschäppeler then it is a shame on you. I mean, the concept of explaining a plethora of problems in this world using only an old school blackboard and some chalks is an amazing job. This world is crowded by blasphemy and stupidity and the way these guys have churned out information and knowledge and have presented before us is just an amazing and orphic task!


A special mention should be given here because the whole book is only about this. When you have a first look, it may seem like puny children diagrams , but when you look at the explanation they want to convey closely, you see the beauty of it.


Communication as we know may seem just simple , but when the time comes we all just seem so lost and don't know what to do. I am not saying that we are dumb people, but if we talk about the little things and as we can all see , this book is nothing but a collection of previously tried out and tested models , which are prone to give you accurate results. Be it your first interview or your everyday conversation with your spouse, we can all be better if we just paid a tad bit more attention and humbleness towards the world and ourselves!


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