The complete guide to running how to be a champion

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The Complete Guide to Running: How to Be a Champion from 9 to 90, is Earl Fee's manual on running, written from his past experiences and knowledge acquired from many other athletic or scientific sources. The title alone implies the obvious purpose of the book: to make aspiring runners run beyond their potential. This handbook to running is divided into twenty-two separate sections dealing with various sub-topics on running, making it so that Earl Fee's writing benefits all runners, from the one-hundred meter dash to the marathon. This book is designed to prevent the athlete from injury, better prepare the athlete for races, and to make the athlete succeed in whatever the athlete does.

Although this is more of an informative book, the theme of determination is threaded throughout. The book explains that a runner could have exceptional talent and running techniques, but if the runner is not mentally determined and tough, then racing is futile. Conversely, a runner could mentally survive any tragedy, but if he is not determined to train properly then the race is already lost. The suggestions and habits suggested in this book are proven to be successful by Earl Fee's forty-plus track world records, but only a determined athlete can follow all of the rigorous training schedules and intense guidelines. To emphasis determination, the author includes his final section of the book labeled "Inspirational Sayings" to help improve the reader's confidence and willpower.

This book is strictly a description of the ways that Earl Fee trained, ate, thought, and prepared for his events. The first several sections talk about simple fundamentals of running, along with the "Psychological Principles" of running to develop an understanding of how running affects the body chemically and physically. It goes on to describe training theory, and then it gives training methods specific to various distances, such as the sprints, the 800 and 1500 meter runs, 5k's and 10k's, and marathons. It finishes with the last few sections talking about injury prevention through nutrition, weight training, plyometrics, and shoes. In short, this book simply, yet
scientifically, describes the taken-for-granted action of running.

This was a well written and thought out work, and it will prove beneficial to a fairly dedicated runner like me. I would not suggest trying to read this cover to cover like a novel, as I did, for it drags in parts that do not seem very significant. However, when needing to find certain information or strategies, this book is convenient and simple to use with its organized chapters and subsections. I would not change anything in this book; it perfectly reflects my views along with most of my own personal strategies in races and training. I have never read anything like it, for the nonfiction genre usually bores me. However, this book caught my attention and will aid me in reaching my potential. This book heightened my love of running, and I enjoyed how Earl Fee expressed his joy of this exhilarating sport, "When I finish a training session or a race knowing I have pushed to near the limit and not getting injured - I have a smiling body, mind, and spirit."

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