The Dance of Deception A Guide

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I think this might be my new favorite book by Lerner. There is a new gem of wisdom in every book of hers that I read. This one is no exception. I already had some pretty strong opinions about honesty and its place in the virtue hierarchy, but Lerner not only dovetails what I already believed, she takes it deep into the underbelly of consideration for long term happiness using her amazing knowledge of family systems. Not only does this book discuss the nuances and biases concerning truth and deception in our culture, but it also talks about how to discover for yourself when a lie to another person is healthy or not, and whether an instant and passionate or strategic and slow unveiling is best. Anyone curious about truth and how it affects their relationships should read this book. Anyone with a secret that causes them pain should read this book. The wisest answers to questions regarding honesty may not be what you expected.

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