The Element – Ken Robinson

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I had came across with Ken Robinson's speech on TED | Talks for TED Conference 2006. It was one of those I'm lost, what should I do afternoons. Every word, every sentence that he said has penetrated to my heart and soon enough my heart just couldn't help it and started to scream: "I told you several times! You are a teacher; please stop going against your fate, your true calling!" Though the epiphany has yet to come only after I have read his book - The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. All my doubts, questions, and uncertainties about my true Element, Ken Robinson did not fail to reconcile each one of them through his book. And I know, this book is going to change my life forever.

Without a shadow of a doubt, after reading this book, it had helped me reassured what my true calling is. It did not fail to inspire me in pursuing my dream of becoming a professional teacher. This book is full of inspirational stories of how people found their Element and how they fought for their way to further explore their element.

The book has to be read not only with an open mind, but with an open heart as well. One must not be sceptical and circumscribe its thought by thinking "Isn't it what the book is saying obvious" or "I've heard these stories a dozen of times already; what's new" As you leaf through each page, uncover each chapter, you'll find yourself reconciling with your inner doubts and accepting of who you truly are. Or, at the very least, open yourself to the possibility of re-exploring who are you as a person. You must be patient when reading this book before internalisation and self-realisation will surface.

This book is a must to each and every one of us; imagine each one of us at our Element...

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