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This book was surprisingly awesome. I expected it to be a fast, dry read about business, but it actually has a lot of heart. Empress's exploration of imposter syndrome is important for many people, but especially for women and people of color. Roche does such an amazing job of addressing the spectrum of sources of imposter syndrome people may have - from youth to race to gender and everything in between. She is knowledgeable without being snobby, and her personal story is truly inspiring. In fact, I spent all night thinking of ways to build on her experiences in my own life. Roche has served in so many capacities and makes all of them sound interesting and worthwhile. I'm so inspired to find my own boards and growth opportunities, and that's the best result a book like this can give.

If you're unsure about your path in life, struggle with feelings of fraud at work even when you know you're smart and qualified, if you suffer from imposter syndrome or mountains of self doubt, this is such a reassuring read. It will help you find footing and ways to be confident and assured, and will give you great inspiration to keep reaching to-boot. I'd love to see Roche speak someday - I hope I get the chance to!

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