The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

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As prescient as ever

Written at the beginning of the Great Recession and coincidentally near the publishing of the infamous Bitcoin white paper (though the author was not aware of this concurrent development), this book distills the decades of ideas and experience of the author clearly, compellingly, and most importantly, in a non-partisan way. All the problems of the current financial system with its unholy trinity of Big Gov, Big Banks, and Big Biz have only worsened in convening decade since the book was published. While many crypto currency ventures have promised a better alternative, virtually all have gotten stuck in perverse paradigms of scarcity and/or merely propagate the same modes of financial exploitation. It's truly a shame that all but a very select few are even aware let alone applied the excellent ideas presented in this book for constructing a fair, modern, and useful alternative currency.

Would be interested in an updated edition that comments on cryptocurrency not only in its present shortcomings but future potential.

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