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Do I even need to explain why I gave this a 5 stars. Okay I'll tell you why it's Harry Potter that's why!
My bestie bought this pop up book for me when he went to a vacation to London, which I'm so grateful for. Thank you so much!
I loved everything about this pop up book!
Mostly I loved the pop up pictures there will all beautiful and it reminded me of the movie scenes in the movies, which is always magical to remember!
Now I have a more depth idea of how the movies were created and how they made the props and how they shot the scenes.
I loved the poster where you can hang them in your room. But I don't have a place to hang them! Which sucks!
I definitely loved that there were secrets in the pages where you open and see more pop up pictures and more information about the movies!
Overall I loved loved this book and I love you Harry Potter! And love you bestie for everything! Harry Potter will always stay in my heart no matter how old I am!
I solemnly swear I'm up to no good!

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