The genius of opposite

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Those of us interested in leadership, learning, and human behavior have experienced a surge of interest and research around personality preferences and differences in recent times. A number of accomplished authors have written on the subject, with sharp focus on demolishing the myth that leaders are extroverts. Jennifer Kahnweiler is the latest and one of the most powerful voices reminding us that "different" does not equal "less than" or "better than", but that when we embrace, respect, and accept our differences, everyone can win for having done so.

The gist of this book is that both introverts and extroverts contribute value and inclusion provides wins for all involved. Neither style is exclusively better or worse for business, collaboration, or leadership, and each offers strengths and weaknesses, as does our attempts to play nice together, when we have different comfort zones. Chapter 8 is particularly useful, with solid reasons why collaborating across styles is good for business and a list of things to watch out for.

I always look at the index of a book first and I loved what I saw in the index for this book. Along with the expected personality-related concepts and terms are dozens of names and titles, reflecting the eclectic nature of her approach. In my opinion, this makes the book stronger ... when you go from Teddy Roosevelt to "I Love Lucy", Victor Borge, and Gracie Allen, with stops at Franklin and Eleanor, Paul McCartney, both Siskel and Ebert, and end up with Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Cain, and Mark Zuckerberg, to name just a very few, you have done some homework.

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