The Good Gut

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"The Good Gut" confirms scientifically what I have learned empirically. I am a retired RN who has eaten a whole lot of vegetables, rice and beans my whole adult life. I do eat meat and fish several times a week, but know that I feel better when I eat less meat. Just in the past 2 years, since I retired and have more time, we have added home-made kimchi and sauerkraut to our diet, and I have noticed that this makes me feel even better. I was a single mother who worked all of her life, along with raising a family, and I was born with a low energy level. People like me describe feeling like we were "born tired." If I did not eat well, so that I felt my best, I could not manage my hectic schedule. Eating poorly was not an option for me.
The Sonnenburgs explain in lay terms the complex relationship that all human being have with the microorganisms that we host in our digestive systems. It turns out this relationship may be much more important to our health than we ever realized. The variety and numbers of microorganisms that we harbor can either contribute to our well being, or contribute to a disease process. Without being dogmatic, or preachy, they enthusiastically lay out the pathway for people to follow that will assist them to make the most of this relationship. At the risk of oversimplification, the advice is to eat more whole plants and fermented foods.
One of the most helpful aspects of the story that the authors tell, is that they include their own story, of how their 2 children were born by c-section, had to take antibiotics at times, and now they are working parents with school age children, who need lunch for school every day. So this is a not family living on another planet, but one struggling with the same issues that so many of us are facing, and trying to find a way to live a healthy lifestyle in spite of it all.
I found the science presented fascinating, and helpful. The authors do mention over and over again that this science is a work in progress and there is so much more to discover. I look forward to following the ongoing research. I found the authors sincere, forthright and engaging.
I have only one suggestion for the authors. There is a sentence in the book that states that the microorganisms are not conscious. As a long time student and practitioner of buddhism (all is one) I wonder if this is true. There is a new book out which I also enjoyed called "Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm" which suggests that the bacteria are in fact conscious and intelligent. This possibility adds a whole new wrinkle to this entire subject.

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