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It's late at night today and I just finished reading this great master piece of book which claims to be a Greatness Guide.
Is it really a greatness guide Find out below.

It's raining heavily and the electric poles have been dislodged right from their roots and the city I live is in blackout.
Inverters squealing and crying out of battery.
I just put my hands in a drawer expecting a small $5 Flash light while I accidentally come across this book that I purchased maybe 6~8 months ago but never got a chance to read.
So I lounge on my couch and I read this entire book, from page 1 to 222 in a tiny, dim flash light. (Believe it)

Well the first book I've ever read was "Discover your destiny with the monk who sold his Ferrari" and surprisingly it was by this same Author "Robin Sharma". I proudly claim ,that was the book which changed my life and perception forever. Ever since then, I've been exploring Sharma's blogs, podcast ,vlogs and books. They leave me better than I everytime come across them.

Coming to this book "Greatness Guide".
Just like his previous book "Who Will Cry When You Die ", This book too contains life transforming, Game Changing and highly inspiring 101 lessons by Mr. Robin Sharma.

Will it really make you Great

I'll simplify the best I can.
As his favorite quote reads, "Awareness Precedes Change and Change Precedes Results", this book may not make you great instantly but Hey! No book can do that.
What the readers shall really expect from "Greatness Guide" is, this book will push your awareness dilemma, make you introvert, and really make you sit at your study and give a deep thought about your current life conditions and the path to your dreams.
As you think more and more about your current acts, status, values, Beliefs, Vision, Your awareness develops. Your awareness breeds Choices.
With better choices, You make better decisions.
With better decisions, Things start to evolve and change.
And with change, You realize your highest results and dreams.

Well, that's the way how it's intended to work and if you really give your life a deep thought, It's a precious gift that you'll ever own.
You can be the next Michael Angelo, The Picasso, The next Richard Branson or whoever you may idol to be at your own craft.

Robin Sharma's clients are world class entrepreneurs, NASA, FedEx and billionaire organizations, So the man really knows what he's talking about.

The book also enriches with brilliant quotes by the masters and world class people ever lived and walked the surface of earth.

If You are into self help books and really wanting to elevate the results you've been getting, being world class at your craft, attaining mastery, I do recommend reading this book at some point of your life (the sooner, the better).

This book shows every job is a chance to express your dreams.
So make this year your absolute best. Out perform your competitors and while the world is drown in recession, Make this year your absolute best year by following Sharma's great 101 lessons and tips.

Hope you have a good time uplifting and elevating your life as well as the lives you come across. This world is a beautiful place and this is the perfect time to be world class at your business, World Class at your life.

Be grateful, Be Healthy and Lead Without A Title.

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