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Just finished The Happiness List by Annie Lyons (I was lucky enough to get an advance copy). This is a charming story about three women who meet each other doing a 'happiness course' on Hope Street, which features in some of Annie's other novels.

Heather is about to get married to the man of her dreams - only he doesn't seem to be as invested in the wedding as she is. Fran, a widow in her forties, wants to be happy again but not at the expense of forgetting her beloved Andy and 'moving on', and Pam, local gossip and Mary Berry-esque cake maker just wants her empty nest to be peaceful and fulfilling again, but her husband is more interested in the garden shed and her flaky son who still lives at home won't stop sponging off her.

This was a lovely, summery uplifting read about three women who pause in their busy lives to try and work out what would really make them happy - and the answer to that question is not what they were expecting. It was witty, wise and packed full of warmth. Great if you want something to make you laugh (and cry a little bit!) on the beach.

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