The Hope Habit How to Confidently Exp

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I found The Hope Habit, by Terry Law and Jim Gilbert, very satisfying and helpful. Quotes like "Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man," (Victor Hugo) and "hope is like the architect that can see mere blue lines on paper and see a building" and "hope is a helmet, guarding the mind" (the authors) are very inspiring! I learned that Winston Churchill was sometimes clinically depressed (mind chemistry) and when his "black dogs" barked he was afraid to stand next to a train station platform lest he throw himself off, and yet look at what HE achieved! I also found out that "hope makes an actual biological contribution to recovery" and "hope is more a cause of change than a response to it." I received the Hope Habit by winning it in a contest on Goodreads, and thanks to Anna for bringing it up! Highly recommended to anyone who needs a boost (and who doesn't).

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