The Irrational Ape Why Flawed Logic Puts us all at Risk and How Critical Thinking Can Save the World

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It isn't easy to weave a serious topic like scientific logic and process into an entertaining and engaging book, but that's what Grimes manages to achieve here. He explains a wide range of important contemporary issues, such as flawed arguments, bias, human self-justification, reversion to the mean, and many many more. He uses little-known anecdotes about historical figures (from Darwin to Houdini and many more) to make his points. This is a book that you'll enjoy reading, and it will help you understand why so many people are tempted by climate change denial, ineffective alternative medicines, non-evidence based conspiracy theories, and untruthful populist politicians. This is a book of our time, an important part of the battle by science against the rise of mythologies and untruths that are working against the progress of humanity.

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