The KetoDiet Cookbook – Martina Slajerova

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I gave up a lot of sugary food in the new year and it did wonders for weight loss then I hit a plateau. Keeping a food diary for a few weeks showed I eat an awful lot of carbs, more than the recommended amounts. Years ago when the Slimming World diet had red (protein)/green (vegetarian) diets on green days I really struggled to lose much weight. So I knew I had an issue. Then along comes this book on netgalley....

I had never heard of the Keto diet but reading through this it looks like the answer to all my queries. As a beginners book it's full of information on how to get started and the pros and cons of the diet. 

The recipes are great and easy to understand. I can cook but don't always enjoy it so this is another plus point for me. Most things in there I will try at some point. It's just a fabulous book

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