The Longevity Diet Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging Fight Disease

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I have long been curious about Dr. Longo's research on aging. The first time I heard about the science on fasting and the genetics of aging is from Dr. Rhonda Patrick from Found My Fitness Podcast. It's through this that I got to know Dr. Longo's works and protocols. For this reason, I was extremely excited that he's finally published a book that will comprehensively summarize his research.

First off, I must say the title of the book highly undermines the value of his work. It echoes with the titles for popular fad diet books that are far below Dr. Longo's quality of work. So whoever came up with the title really ought to be fired.

That being said, the book is an absolute gem to read.

Aging is a topic difficult to discuss without diving into scientific jargon. Despite this not being an easy read for those from a non-science background, I still believe Dr. Longo did an excellent job at simplifying technical concepts and research methodologies. Not only so, he also presents doable, evidence-based protocols that can help individuals live a longer, healthier life.

I had a hard time putting the book down.

Ever since I was first introduced to intermittent fasting via Tim Ferriss, I've been fascinated by the underlying science and its potential to cure various diseases. This is because I believe our bodies are able, intelligent and highly intricate machines. Although scientific research has allowed us to enhance our understanding of human physiology & biochemistry by leaps and bounds, much of it still remains a mystery. For this reason, the foundation of western medicine, which examines systems in isolation and try to staunch a single pathway, is not a feasible approach for the long term. In such cases, only symptoms are treated, while the cause goes on to fester the rest of the body.

This is why I find Dr. Longo's research so fascinating: it is deeply rooted in the belief that by incorporating our knowledge for cellular pathway & genetics, then use it to optimize the body's own ability for rejuvenation and repair. It is the perfect marriage between laboratory research and application in humans. Finally, the FMD protocols can be easily implemented by most people without intensive medical supervision. This means it has the potential to supplement or even replace conventional treatments for chronic diseases (especially weight management) in a cost-effective manner. Thus, with further clinical investigation, its adoption may be able to alleviate the heavy economic burdens of health care in the U.S. and Canada.

The downside to all this research is, of course, popular media.

As with any scientific findings that blow up in the media, there are popular personalities with limited understanding for science that can blow the FMD out of proportion, give misleading recommendations, and wreak havoc on the general public.

This has been seen most recently for: a) intermittent fasting and b) ketogenic diets.

Both concepts are potentially beneficial. Yet, in the popular media, they are poorly defined and their execution have flexible rules depending on the social media personality that popularized it (is not eating for 2 hours intermittent fasting can I eat just meat meat meat on a ketogenic diet can I just chug some oil to enter ketosis Am I even in ketosis!).

This, of course, leads to three outcomes:

The ill advice haphazardly works and the skewed information is passed on to more victims
The diet wrecks someone's life, they become angry and completely discredits the concept altogether
The protocol becomes a mask for an eating disorder (this is the one that angers me the most)
The fact is, most social media personality DO NOT come from a scientific background. They throw random jargons around (insulin resistance! insulin spike! IGF-1! Glycemic index! Ketone bodies!) without truly knowing what they mean. They give out diet advice like handing out free candy without considering the consequences (disclaimers don't count when people know their videos are going to be viewed and likely followed anyway) or really looking into the science.

Because Dr. Longo has provided ample warnings, cautionary tips and details of the protocol in this book, it is my sincere hope that most people will go back to the original source from a credible researcher instead of listening to quacks/diet-crazed teens on YouTube who want to shed a few pounds. The longevity diet & FMD protocol is most certainly not about losing weight. Instead, it is a procedure that can be used to smartly trick the biological systems to work in our favor.

For anyone interested in science, biochemistry, nutrition or the human body, this book is a must-read and definitely a highlight of the scientific nonfiction published this year.

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