The Lost Art of Compassion Discover

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This book is literally life-changing. I'm a Christian, but the ideas on how to carry out day to day living presented in this book on Buddhism have helped me live out Christian ideals in my own life more than any of the Christian publishing house books that I have ever read.

Lorne Ladner is a Buddhist and a psychologist, and this book is a fantastic marriage of both. He addresses everything from how to be happier to how to "love your neighbor" to how to embrace changes in life to how to let go of anger/frustration/unhappiness/negativity. Finding contentment, finding peace... it's all there. What an amazing book. Happiness is something you can DO. It's something you can LEARN. I loved this book so much I literally now own two copies - one on my Kindle (and I practically "underlined" passages on every single page, and I'm not exaggerating) and I've also ordered a print version.

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