The Making of a Rag Doll Design & Sew Modern Heirlooms

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This is a darling book. The first half of the book discusses the artist's process and her favorite findings/tools. The second half is chock-full of so-simple-it-hurts patterns. These dolls beginners could do. While the artist/author enjoys using 'the best of everything' basically, I think that could cause some readers to shy away thinking their projects won't measure up. Not so. (I resisted saying not sew... but not very well because there it is.) I have made plenty of lovely dolls in my time that are made with fleece, acrylic yarn, standard acrylic stuffing, and other various "synthetic" materials and they are just as luxurious and soft as some of the natural fibers. Also, her work space is lovely chaos, the photographs are lovely (though some are repeated) and the little details give the book class.

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