The Mandala of Being Discovering

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Spend just a single day being completely aware of where your thoughts lead you. How often does your mind wander How much time do you find yourself recalling or analyzing things that happened in your past How much time do you spend worrying about what might happen in the future What stories do you make up about yourself in your wanderings Are you self-sacrificing, underappreciated, and undervalued Are you hardworking and eagerly climbing the ladder of success Are you bitter that everyone else seems to catch a break but you get nothing

Anyone who has ever tried this exercise knows that the majority of our time is spent anywhere but at the present moment. We fixate on the past, we fantasize about the future, we create self serving stories in our minds, and we judge others. Very little of our time is actually fully focused on what we are doing and feeling in this exact moment. So in essense, we rarely focus on the here and now, on the moment.

The Mandala of Being guides the reader to a better understanding of this very human process explaining that these seemingly harmless distractions actually color the way we see ourselves. Basically, all of these stories do two things. They either feed our ego so that we feel that we are somebody special (hiding the underlying feeling that we are not enough as we are) or we opening berate ourselves. The end result in both cases is the same, it reinforces the notion that somehow we have to be, act, or have something specific in order to be valuable human beings.

The simple solution is to have our thoughts stay in the here and now, to see events for what they really are, and to get in touch with our true selves. This may be easy to say but it is extremely hard to do. The Mandala of Being teaches us how to make a start in this attempt and how to counteract some of the major obstacles on this path.

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