The Manipulators

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I usually don't keep fiber or art books in my public studio, but I had this one in there for reference on a previous project that involved mitering corners. I had it on the shelf sort of in a project box and heaped up with papers.

And here's the funny bit of coincidence... yesterday I had a drop-in studio visitor who was a theater costumer. Almost one of the first things out of her mouth was, "Have you heard of that book on the art of manipulating fabric."

"Why yes, it's the only book I happen to have here." And I dug it out to confirm. "This book"

Anyway, I just thought that was an odd coincidence. Great book with detailed instructions on how to do anything you might ever think of wanting to do with fabric. Every instruction is easily adapted to your own needs, whether they be making something patterned (as clothing), something more sculptural, low-relief or even 2-D and painterly.

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