The Modern Scholar – Human Anatomy: The Beauty of Form and Function – John K. Young

Category: Lecture, Science, Medicine, Biology

The structures that lie beneath our skin represent a remarkable and beautiful assortment of biological mechanisms that are essential for our lives. However, we often take these structures for granted.
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In these fourteen fascinating lectures from Howard University’s Professor John K. Young, a basic overview of the human body, its physical features, biological systems, and general functioning will be presented for the benefit of anyone from budding medical students to curious laymen.

In Young’s lectures, he shares the knowledge he has gained during his 30-year tenure as a teacher as he leads his audience on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of the human body.


01. Introduction to Anatomy and the Axial Skeleton

02. Bones and Muscles of the Arms and Hands

03. Bones and Muscles of the Legs and Feet

04. The Cardiovascular System

05. Lymphatic Vessels and Organs of the Immune System

06. Spinal Cord and Brain

07. Eye and Ear

08. Upper Digestive System