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I think the title and cover of The Moneyless Manifesto understate it's significance. This is not a book about living cheap or frugally, it is not about going back to the land or make-do and mend, although it mentions all of these things.

This book is a good, hard look at the vastly controlling role that money has on our lives and enables us to consider a world without it. It echoes ideas I've read elsewhere, but with a humilty, honesty and frankness that does the subject justice. I can not really fault this book, because wherever there was a fault the Author was quick to point it out himself.

Of everything I've read in 2012, this has probably had the biggest impact on my world view, and while I may not be ready to embrace all of the radical changes suggested in this book, I certainly don't think I can ever look at money the same way again.

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