The Nature Fix- Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier and More Creative

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I just finished this book and its very interesting and informative overall but it was only going to get 4 stars until almost the last page when she finally mentions asthma and says that some should not go out in the tree pollen! (finally she thinks of that)

Children with attention deficit disorder should be taught outside as "they can't bounce off the walls there". The difference for small boys is amazing. I have always thought it was torture to be cooped but in a hot reeking classroom and not allowed to go outside. Its like torture for small children and very bad for them. She really discusses this at length. In Germany they have "forest classes" outside. Also, classrooms are toxic with magic marker odors and other toxins which can cause brain damage. There is usually no fresh air as teachers won't open the window or there are NO windows to be opened. For a time I had to sit too near the chalkboard and I am allergic to chalk and it gave me asthma. It was impossible for me to say anything about this and I just had to endure it. I hope people will read this book and wake up about these problems.

I was surprised to learn that being out in nature also makes a big difference for those with PTSD.
People need to be around trees and water. These things are far more important than we realized.

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