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The Necessity of Strangers reminded me of Malcolm Gladwell's books wherein the thread of the subject- in this case strangers- get weaved into stories and accounts that are varied and fascinating.

Strangers. Even if we include all our most casual of contacts, the number of people we "know" is roughly 0.000000142 of the entire world. Not many. So strangers are an important imperative part of all our lives.

Alan Gregerman says that "we are wired to go along with, and attach ourselves to our own groups." So we need to rethink people. "Innovation is all about connecting with, learning from, collaborating with, and empowering strangers." Diverse isn't all about skin color.

"What we should be searching for are truly diverse people who are very different- in what they've studied and the way they've been trained, the experiences and accomplishments they've had and the way they look at the world and our business." When we allow strangers to take part in our lives and our businesses, we become inspired and new possibilities are presented toward jobs you do everyday."

A few guiding principles for a more open mindset to your life are:
Humility- You don't know everything
Curiosity- Open to new ideas, new people, new possibilities
Respect- everyone matters
Purpose- Our reason for being that guides our efforts

Alan Gregerman gives countless interesting examples as diverse as Vidal Sassoon, 3M Company, TED Talks, Khan Academy, and what is was that made them excel.

I thought this would be a dry book about business success because you are willing to embrace strangers, instead it is a fascinating book about business success because you are willing to embrace strangers.

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