The New Southern Garden Cookbook Enjoying the Best from Homegrown Gardens, Farmers’ Markets, Roadside Stands

Review From User :

Simply perfect. Clear instructions in a legible font. Well-organized by garden-ingredient. Recipes that turn out as described -- assuming the cook follows the instructions as written. Ahem.

Plenty of photos, but grouped, so they don't break up the recipes inordinately. Variations and substitutions offered in plenty, but Sheri also anticipates substitutions certain cooks might think will be fine (I'm looking at you, routine substitute-r of non-fat milk for whole fat milk) and squashes those that will negatively impact the result.

A key attribute appreciated by at least one of my friends (and me): the cookbook lies open flat while in use, even in the first and last 20 -pages, to make for easy glancing and double-checking whilst prepping. Thank you University of North Carolina Press -- unlike many other publishers --for understanding how cooks use cookbooks in the wild.

Just enough history and background to be interesting, from time to time, but not enough to distract from the purpose for which you obtained the book.

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