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The latest Thaddeus Murfee series was awesome and very timely. The storyline involves Russia , a Putin like President of Russia, details about the GRU ( Russian Intelligence) and torture. The plot involved Thaddeus s paralegal ( Christine) who was a former soldier who fought in the Gulf War. The CIA wanted her to go back to the Middle-East and kill a leader of a ISIS terrorist group. They also told her they would do everything possible to rescue her, but if they could not save her they would give her family 10 million dollars. She agreed and they had her ask her boss (Thaddeus ) to fly with her to Turkey to make it seem like she was on a legal matter, the plane was hijacked by a group from the Ukraine to Russia where they wanted the Russian Government to release 3 soldiers from prison. Christine gets captured by the GRU and tortured and made to take part in a video showing her trying to kill the Putin like leader, the details about the waterboarding and how they tortured her were very graphic. The ending was awesome and it was a great story.

‘BOUNTY HUNTERS’ by Elmore Leonard

The old Apache renegade Soldado Viejo is hiding out in Mexico, and the Arizona Department Adjutant has selected two men to hunt him down. One – Dave Flynn – knows war, the land, and the nature of his prey. The other is a kid lieutenant named Bowers. But there’s a different kind of war happening in Soyopa. And if Flynn and his young associate choose the wrong allies – and the wrong enemy – they won’t be getting out alive.

The Bounty Hunters