the oxygen advantage

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This is by far one of the best books written on health that I have ever read. The book is not only for those suffering from cardiovascular and other severe conditions but also addresses weight issues, improving one's fitness and functioning and, probably most important, one's mental and spiritual well being.
The author's main contention is the counter intuitive theory that "over breathing" is detrimental to our health and overall functioning. The author contends that through breath retention and nasal breathing the increased CO2 and nitric oxide levels in the blood allows for increased saturation of oxygen entering the tissues and organs of the body and a widening of the blood vessels. The author alludes to several sources including Christopher Bohr, Alfred Nobel and Konstantin Buteyco to support his assertions.
The author alleges that he suffered many years from an asthma condition that led him to seek treatment from the aforementioned Konstantin Buteyco, a brilliant Russian Physician, who developed pioneering methods for astronauts during the Soviet Space Race. As a result of this treatment, the author fully reversed and recovered from his condition, left his corporate job and trained under Dr. Buteyco. Since this time, this work has become the author's profession and he has subsequently built on Dr. Buteyco's innovative approach and has developed his own program called "The Oxygen Advantage".
In my view and my limited experience with these exercises, breath retention is not an easy nor pleasant technique to practice nor to master in addition to the possible pitfalls that many breathing techniques present without the proper training and guidance. Also, although one can expect a modicum of success initially, it would appear great effort and close adherence to these techniques would be required to achieve the same remarkable results as that of the author. However, as aforementioned, this is a very unique, provocative and innovative approach that appears to offer astounding health benefits. I would highly recommend this book

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