the paper magician

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I really enjoyed this book. The magical system in the book and series, is very unique as magicians bond to certain man-made materials like paper, glass, steel, etc... and once bonded they can use them. For example the main protagonist, Ceony can make a paper bird and it will then "come to life" and she can use it to scout for danger or find a person.

The setting is England around Victorian times, but doesn't have that "woman can't do [fill in the blank]" vibe. Ceony is very likable and the story took an unexpected turn, going in a direction I didn't predict (a good thing!). There were just a few places where my suspension of disbelief was stretched, but minor quibbles all. I enjoyed the interaction between Ceony and Emrey--another character who I liked just as much.

This book made me look at paper in an entirely different light! :)

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