The Postnatal Depletion Cure

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In a society that expects all mums to be so careful and nurture their children they forget to care about the mums health and their energy. It's not about postnatal depression because that's already part of the health care in some country to recognise this once you had your baby but it's also important and if not taken into seriously can lead to depression and a motherhood and parenting not so enjoyable. I totally recommend the book to all parents or parents-to-be because it explains what will happen to your body while pregnant and after. The vitamins needed to keep healthy and back on your feet after your baby is born. all the feelings that are normal to have during your baby's early years and this book helps in how to cope with all of this new fase, like sleepless nights, the house cores, breastfeeding and giving attention to your other child in same cases and don't forget about daddy who needs to understand what's going on fwith you and how to help you in the best way and the attention he needs from you as well, overall it can be daunting and you will feel overwhelmed most of the times and that's way I think this book it's a reveal. For all parents definitely.

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