The Power of a Positive Team Proven

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I was fortunate to receive a pre-launch copy of The Power of a Positive Team.

Jon places a number of examples of the traits that positive teams exhibit. He also sets the book up to be used by teams as a "self-study" or guide to becoming a positive team.

A couple of my favorite quotes from this book are:

1. "Positive teams confront the reality of challenging situations and work together to overcome them."

2. "It's a purpose beyond oneself that truly drives and energizes people and teams."

3. "Don't run from the difficult conversation. Don't be scared of feedback. It is not meant to define you. It's meant to help refine you so you can do your job better for your team."

If you lead a team at school, sports, business, or simply your family at home, this book is for you.

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