the power paradox

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In this book, as in his previous works, Dacher Keltner demonstrates that he is one of the leading psychologists of our time. Dacher proposes that a change in the paradigm through which we have seen power. Rather than something acquired through domination or coercion, Keltner argues convincingly that power is most often given, not taken. He illustrates with cleverly constructed studies how power accumulates in the hands of those who are gifted at empowering others. Keltner's version of power is something we can all relate to in our recollections of the school yard and the workplace. Next Keltner describes how the very abilities that allow people to acquire power, such as empathy, are easily lost once power is accumulated which likely goes a long way to explain the falls from grace that we often find in the headlines of our news feeds. Probably most powerful is Dacher's articulation of the personal and social ills associated with powerlessness and finally his recommendations for nurturing and maintaining healthy power. Keltner's work rings very true to me in my daily efforts to empower parents and teens. We should all take careful note of the wisdom in this book, our society and each one of us would be much enriched if we did.

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