The Promise of energy psychology

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It's astonishing and a bit sad how many people have not DONE the actual physical movement-based experiments which this book is all about, but have simply spouted their opinions of the book.

The book works.

As the title says, it represents a bridge between the Western, Eastern and new energy psychology paradigms; it represents the "promise", not the satisfaction of the promise, of energy medicine. And it is about medicine - about a definite method of healing. As such, then, it's probably suitable for medical professionals with open minds and hearts, and people in need of healing.

The greatest strength of this book is the inclusion of the circuits of joy, for the first time anywhere in English texts, explained in a straightforward, practical, testable, and sensible way. There have been many occult books mention the joy circuits, but none have framed them simply and accessibly like this book does. This is a unique feature especially of THIS book by Donna Eden - the other books by her are not as accessible as this one is. It makes a unique contribution.

For other books on the subject which contextualize it in practical ways, check out "The Tapping Solution".

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